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Looking for a Soul Mate

There are many aspects and characters in the humans` life that reflects his/her life and personality. However, I believe that personality, education, and appearance are the three main three characters that form up an idea about who I am.

First, my personality is the best character that expresses me. To begin talking about my personality, I start with the fact that I am a funny joking person, who likes to draw smiles on peoples` faces. I am also optimistic and especially when I face troubles and obstacles in my life. Another thing, I am very honest with all the people around me, and if I saw one of my friends doing something wrong, I will honestly tell him to reconsider what is he doing for hi/her sake. I am also generous with my friends and family, and I respect the young before the elder. I try my best to help poor people, because you feel good when you help the others and especially needy ones. And last but not least, I am a strong believer who obeys his god very well and follows his commands, not only from fear, but also it is a matter of love and respect.

Second, I am a sophomore student who is looking for achieving Masters` in the domain of Business Accounting Information System. I like business, because it is a free world in trading, transactions, accounting, advertising, and banking etc. I am ambitious to have a better future, so that I can open my very own small business office. After that, I will try my best to travel and expand my work and grow bigger and more successful in the accounting domain.

Third, I am a handsome tall guy, tanned skin, and dark-honey colored eyes. I have a classy style with an athletic body of good upper body strength. I keep on a short hair cut, and I don’t have any tattoos or piercing. However, although the spiritual personality is the most important aspect I look for in a girl, I care a little about appearance and style. I exercise regularly in order to stay in a good shape, and I will...

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