People and Business

People and Business

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Unit 2: People and Business


For my GCSE Applied business Unit 2 course work I am going to investigate two different businesses, one large business and one small. I will examine Boots plc Leeds branch ls1 operates as an example of a medium to large business and I will also examine Munchies takeaway as an example of a small business.

I will investigate the process which People perform in businesses for both medium and small sized firms. The business I have chosen is Munchies takeaway, which is located off Harehills Road Leeds 8.

Munchies is a small takeaway which sells fast food and offers a limited Table Seating Area. The business sells fast food like; examples, kebabs, chicken, and chips. Munchies takeaway is owned by one person it is managed as a sole trader; but employs a further four staff in numerous Job Roles.

Like all other Takeaway, Munchies has got the maximising their profits as their objectives and their profit has increased for like four to five years and they are the top profitable business in Leeds and it is really succeeding in what they are doing. Their advertisement is very high class they have got flyers and special offers which make their business run very well.

I am also going to investigate Boots plc which is located in Leeds city centre. Boots plc is a shop for health and beauty products, gifts, electrical items, photography, baby goods, toys, games and flowers. In the shop they have different services they provide examples are they have a pharmacy, an optician, insurance, photo processing and a quick shop. Boots is a member of Alliance Boots. We've now brought together the very best of Alliance Pharmacy and Boots, creating a new Boots business. We're here to help our customers look and feel better than they ever thought possible. With around 2,600 stores from local community pharmacies to large destination health and beauty stores, they will find us in the locations they want us to be, offering fantastic...

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