Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Development


Introduction _______________________________________________________________ 3

Task 2.1 – Evaluating Skill and Competencies_____________________________________4

Task 2.2 – Own Development Needs____________________________________________5

Task 2.3 – Identify Development Opportunities____________________________________6

Task 2.4 – Personal and Professional Plan________________________________________7

Conclusion ________________________________________________________________ 8

References ________________________________________________________________ 9

Bibliography ______________________________________________________________10


In this assignment I will be talking about skills, competencies and develop needs. I’ll show that I have the ability to take responsibility for my own personal and professional development.
The development of the individual in both, personal and professional life depends on the motivation and personal effort. However, it must take into consideration the cultural factor and the social and environmental conditions that the individual are inserted. Together these factors contribute to the formation of a person succeeds or fails.

Task 2.1: Evaluate your current skills and competencies against professional standards and organisational objectives

It is very difficult to evaluate skills and competencies once we are talking about many different things. We start developing our skills since very little what doesn’t mean that by the time we’re an adult we will know everything. Basically we will update these existing skills we have and develop new ones. At the moment I will be mentioning three skills I have and they are planning, organising and analysing.
The fact I am living in a different place from home and also learning/speaking a different language made me pay more attention in things I probably wasn’t doing very well before. As everything you live in different culture are new, you...

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