Personal Values and Society

Personal Values and Society

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Personal Values Paper


MGT 521

Professor Jones

Personal Values

Everyone in society has his or her beliefs in something that is important to his or herself. It is essential and the cornerstone of civilization to have morality and ethics. If people do not have any of these things, then the world will be in compete chaos. In order to have personal values, one will have to decide about topics and issues that are important to him or her. Having beliefs and having morals does affect how people are perceived by others and can help or hurt opportunities for advancement in many fields of endeavors. The writer believes that if a person has good character, than that person will have wonderful relationships with people and will become successful in life.
To establish those morals and ethics are usually taught by parents, guardians, and other people who are looked upon as role models. As a child, these morals and ethics are expressed so when people are older, those principles are rooted into his or her upbringing. Many people have a very strong sense of belief in a higher power greater than mankind. Others believe in patriotism of serving his or her country. Some people believe in reincarnation which by definition, means the rebirth of the soul in another body or the reappearance or revitalization in another form; a new embodiment. Many people believe that morality and ethics go hand in hand as they should. Morality by definition means the quality of being accord with standards of right and good or a system of right and wrong conducts. Ethics by definition means a set of principles or right conduct, the study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person. By using both of these methods and being a good person with good character will have a lasting impression on oneself and will be recognized by others.
Many people in today’s society and over periods of time has seen their beliefs and moral...

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