Personal Values (Kudler Fine Foods )

Personal Values (Kudler Fine Foods )

Running head: MGT 521 Personal Values

Personal Values
Charles Harris
University of Phoenix 2008


In this paper I will identify my values, consider what Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) appears to value as an organization, how my values align with those of KFF and how this would affect my performance if I were a manager there.

Before starting this paper I remember giving much thought about what is my ethical perspective and my ethical style. And to be honest, I had no tangible idea what it was or how to describe it to anyone. Up until now no one had ever asked me that question and it was a total mystery to me the holder of it? The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Self-Assessment gave me great excitement, because I now had a tool that would identify my ethical profile and style.

What I learned from the test was I tend to base my ethical perspective on the results or consequences of my actions. I believed that conduct should be directed towards promoting the greatest good for the greatest number of persons. In judging whether and individual’s action are ethical, I look for concrete evidence. It is not enough for an individual to “talk the talk.” Results are needed to indicate that s/he is “walking the walk”. In my opinion, what really counts in reaching an ethical decision is the “bottom line.” Discussions about process and principles are not as important as what is ultimately achieved for the overall good of society.

So what is my ethical style? I believe that we each have a moral right to experience the “good life.” One way to measure how good life really is would be to determine how satisfied the majority of the people in our society seem to be. If most people are unhappy as the state of our economy reflects in 2009, something is morally wrong and needs to be fixed. Therefore, my approach to ethics is likely to focus on what could be done to improve the well being of the greatest number of persons....

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