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Photo Shop

Fast Track

By Team Digit

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Robert Sovereign-Smith Writer, Copy Editor
Ram Mohan Rao Copy Editor
Jyotsna Rege Copy Editor
Nimish Chandiramani Writer
Kailash Shastry Writer
Ahmed shaikh Writer
Vijay Padaya Layout Designer
Sivalal S Cover Design
Harsho Mohan Chattoraj Illustrator
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May 2006
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The King Of Image


t’s something like music: everybody loves playing around with
images—whether it’s painting, altering colours, lending special
effects, or even serious stuff like retouching photographs. The
problem is, you need a good tool to be able to do these things, and
most folks think Photoshop is too complex. We’ve got news—it’s not!
When someone learns a few Photoshop tricks, his stock value
instantly rises—“Wow, he can actually give a sepia tone to a picture!” or “He can use Photoshop to make cut-outs of wallpapers!”
Well, our idea when we were writing this was that you should be
able to teach such folks a thing or two or more. We’ve said
Photoshop isn’t complex, and by the time you’re through with this
little book, you should be able to do most of the common stuff—
and some really cool stuff—that Adobe Photoshop is capable of.
We’re not claiming you’ll become an expert: you’d need a few years
and a few thousands of rupees in books for that.
What follows is organised this way: we first talk about the
basics of editing pictures. Selections...

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