The D.A. Garden Supplies research Project is a tool that will be implemented to solve their issues and to understand what they are doing wrong or what forces are causing their problems, to be capable of solving them in a way that is profitable to everyone.

1.0 Heading: Preliminary Project scope
Draft a preliminary Project scope for D.A. Garden Supplies that through consultation with relevant personnel includes the following:
1.1 Subheading: Required Sources
Identify the human, financial and physical resources that you will require and discuss whether they are available or need to be obtained.

It will base on people who have a wide experience, but the group should be small because currently the company cannot spend a lot of money. Its necessary to organize people with multi tasks for example, the person in charge of the budget should be the responsible for interviewed and train the people. The financial resource includes the remuneration (salary, annual leave,). In the same way it involve training of teamwork and material. And the Physical sources is relative to the location; infrastructure, computers, printer, telephone.

1.2 Subheading: Research Assistance
Identify any external market research assistance that will be required

They can consult other industries, which can provide relevant information to compere, for example in Nursery and Gander industry.

1.3 Subheading: Research Methodology
Described your planned research methodologies and justify your choices

The research methodologies I plan to use are the qualitative and quantitative together, because this got a more wide view of the market and helps to obtain greater information. In the quantitative method I will use the questionnaires (to gather statistical data about responses) and in the qualitative method I will use interviews according to the results obtained in the questionnaires of the most important sample.

1.4 Subheading: Sample
Explain the sample size and...

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