Point Source Pollution

Point Source Pollution

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Point Source Pollution

Adam Spurlin

September 24, 2010


Karen Marasigan

Point Source Pollution 1

Point source pollution is contamination of the environment through sources of tunnels, ditches, conduit, or pipes. These are places that can be traced back to the originated points that the pollution is coming from. Humans are one of the main reasons of point source pollution and our fast growing industries are a concern. Places like sewer treatment plants and industrial plants are large sources of point source pollution. Point source pollution can cause health issues placing toxic chemicals in our drinking water and areas of swimming. Not to mention the effect that it has on the marine life in our oceans and rivers.
Placing a plan in action now will help us in the future to ensure the reliability of our water and air sources. First we need to find the areas of the largest point pollution source and track it's source. Researching where and how much is contributing to the main source of the dumping will give us an idea of the implications involved. I think using the analogy of let the little fish go to catch the big one is the main goal here. What kind of materials are these industries using that are contaminating the waste. Monitor and control of situation like materials used or amount of deposed with in a period of time are things we can look into. Making companies and factories accountable for actions of pollution and rewarding them on decreasing point source pollution. The usage of environmental safe products is a start to cleaning out the chemicals. These products need to be mandated through out theses investitures.
One of the biggest problems I see is the large populations all around the costal areas. The high consumption of trash and waste close to our costal area is a concern. The many vacation spots and heavy tourist cities on the coast are a cluster. The runoff from these areas are large...

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