Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Turn on your Nintendo DS and choose New Game. Then you'll have
to answer a questionaire, this will determine your personality. You'll
also be asked to put your finger on the screen so they can detect
your aura. Put either the tip of your finger or the stylus for about
10 seconds and then stop. A Pokemon will be assigned according
to your personality. If you don't like what you got, there's a nice
guide in GameFaqs about Starter Pokemons. Anyway, back to MY
guide, when you're happy with what you got as Starter, you'll need
to choose a Partner. This Pokemon will help you during the story.
Remember that you can't have two pokemons of the same type.
IE: You can't be a Charmander and have Chimchar as your partner,
since both of them are fire types. I chose Chimchar as Starter and
Piplup as partner. But it's up to you.


On the screen you'll see someone talking, suddenly the screen
will turn white. When you have vision again, you'll see a rock that
looks like a sharpedo. Then you'll see a quiet beach. Conclusion:
you'll see pictures. Finally, when you stop watching images, you'll
see your Main Pokemon at the shore of the beach. He can't even
get up. After that, you'll see your Partner in front of a building.
He'll say something about being brave, and stand on a grate, but
immediately step off. He's afraid of it for some reason. He feels
dissapointed because he even had his personal treasure to give
him courage. He's so dissapointed he leaves to his relax spot.
What your partner didn't know, was that Zubat and Koffing were
listening to everything he was saying and they heard about his
personal treasure and they decide to get it.

Again, you'll see some images. A beautiful beach and lots of
bubbles, these are produced by Krabbies. Your partner
appears and says the reason why the Krabbies appeared,
which I can't remember at the moment 'cause I...

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