What do you think is the biggest challenge young women face in United States today? Include any personal experience you have had with this challenge.

I believe that the biggest challenge women face today in America is that we are a male dominant country. America has shaped the fairy tale that most women are housewives, and it is the man's duty to provide for the family. Which is what most people like, but by doing so they are diminishing the rate of young women who wants to have a career. They also have young women in America thinking that if they do not have a man providing for them they are not as likely to succeed in life. Women today are looked at as the helper and the weaker ones of our country because of the morals we have shaped in our minds.

Running Start’s programs are focused on introducing young women to politics. Please tell us your experience with politics or the political process, if any. Do you think politics affects your life personally? Why or why not? Please elaborate with your honest assessment. (You will not be penalized if you have little or no experience in politics).

I am a niece of a Councilman and State Representative of East St. Louis. Politics has been something that has crossed my mind plenty of times when i think of things that could be going better for our city and country. I think it does affect our lives in many ways. The wrong decision can destroy many lives, or make many suffer. I have never been that into politics until I moved from California to Illinois, so I am not that familiar with the subject as I would like to be. But from what I know I think politics affects everyone's life in some way. When I think about politics I think about presidential campaigns and health care. Which affects our lives in some way.

What is something in your community (or the world) that you would like to change? Explain what it is, why it affects you, and what you can do to create change.

I used to live in California in the Valley. So...

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