Positive Impact Tourism: case studies and visions from Vermont

Positive Impact Tourism: case studies and visions from Vermont

Positive Impact Tourism: case studies and visions from Vermont

Marta Ceroni and Robert Costanza (Editors)


This book is dedicated to the heritage of Vermont in a time of change. Although cultures, traditions, landscapes, and populations are transforming and evolving through tourism, industry, and ideas, Vermont’s heritage is still in the minds and stories of locals and visitors alike. Tourism creates change for better and for worse. This book is dedicated to all the communities and travellers who participate in tourism purposefully with a hope towards strengthening community relationships throughout the world and making change a positive force in every aspect of our lives.

Table of Contents

I. Tourism: Definitions, Problems, and Solutions

1. Tourism and Ecological Economic SystemsAmy Diller






2. What is Positive Impact Tourism?

1. The notion of positive impact

2. Positive Impact Tourism: a net concept

3. Costs and benefits of various forms of tourism: a frameworkAmy Diller

1. Introduction

2. An alternative model

4. Why Vermont?Kate Finley Wood and Amy Diller

1. The Vermont Visitor

2. Protecting the Beauty

3. Marketing Vermont Goods


5. Rural Economies and Communities in a Dynamic Landscape

II. Positive Impact Tourism Options in the Making

6. Cultural Landscape

1. Demand Side of Cultural Tourism

2. Supply Side of Cultural Tourism

3. Bread and Puppets [box] - Matt

7. Agricultural LandscapesDavid Timmons

1. Agritourism: awakening the connection with the land

2. Agritourism facts around the world

3. Farms and the Preservation of the Rural Landscape

8. Natural LandscapesJoshua Halman, Matthew Bresler, Brooke Scatchard, Grant Janukajtis

1. Working Forests, Conserved Lands, Lakes, and Streams: the case of the Northeast Kingdom

2. Fishing - Josh

2.1. Fly Fishing

3. Boating [canoeing +...

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