Present Simple Tense

Present Simple Tense

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I. Form :

II. The Usages of Present Simple Tense

1. Habitual/ Regular Action
 It is used with frequency adverbs / Time expressions.

Frequency adverbs are:
- always
- usually
- often
- frequently
- normally
- sometimes
- occasionally
- seldom / rarely
- hardly ever
- almost never
- never

Time Expressions are :
- all the time / at all times
- most of the time
- in general /generally
- once / twice / three times per week
- form time to time
- on Monday , Tuesday……
- every day / week / month / year
- every morning /afternoon / evening / night

Ex: Every morning, after getting up I concentrate & exercise together with my brother.
We all always make a good presentation when there is a competition of speaking.
The successful rarely waste their time of life to build good reputations.
My parents usually leave home at 6:20 in the morning and arrive home at 6:45 in the evening.

2. General Truths / Facts

• Natural Truths
EX: The earth is round , and it moves around the sun.
The sun raises on the east and sets on the west.
Mammals are born alive.
Fishes live in the water, and breathe underwater.

• Scientific Truths
EX: Water freezes at 0c , and boils at 100c.
A square has four equal sides.
Cholestrol causes high blood pressure.
Smoking causes lung and heart cancer.
Many fruits and vegetables contain vitamin A, B, & C.

• Social Truths
EX: Angkor Wat is the great well known temple in Cambodia.
Cambodian’s region is Buddhism.
People living in society need education to improve their skills, talents, & abilities.
Mr. Hun Sen is the premier of Cambodia.

3. Present Action

 We use Present Simple Tense to indicate Present Action instead of Present Progressive
but it is used with Stative verbs only.

Kinds of stative Verbs :
 thinking: believe forget imagine know realize recognize
suppose think understand want wish
 emotion: like love loathe deny adore enjoy
hate need...

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