Kelly Whittington
Mrs. Denise Orr
July 18, 2016

I am studying to become a Register Nurse(RN). I did my interview at Roper St. Francis with Chelene Mobley, she is a HR recruiter.

To get a job at Roper St. Francis first thing that you will need to do is go to their website careers to complete the application on line. Make sure your application is in great detail. You also need to make sure you attach resume and a cover letter (make sure is accurate and professional). After you complete the application you will have to complete an online assessment (100 question assessment) which is based on personality assessment which is good for a year. Once you complete the application process the HR recruiter will screen your application to make sure that you the qualifications that the position is asking for. An RN positions you will need to complete two years’ program at credit RN school and take and pass the National State Board Certification. Also they look if you have the experience for that job that you are applying for. Which new RN can go into a program called RN Residency Pipeline is a full-time, benefit-eligible position, which can last up to one year. They have about 5000 applications a month which is about 4-5 application a day. They also look at your work history. To begin to apply about a month before taking the state board. Then if you match what they are looking for then they will forward your application to managers and they will go over your application. This takes about two weeks to complete. Then if the managers like what they see they will do the first process to the interview.

Interview Process
After you complete your application the application moves forward with the first step in the interview process. Which is phone screening which the HR recruiter will do this part of the interview. They will ask some questions about you and the job that you are applying for and during this part of the...

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