Effective Presentations

Effective Presentations

What type of document design, layout, presentation template, font, colors, and graphics I plan to include in my final project. Explain why I made these choices.

I have gone through many sites about using PowerPoint and seeing many different ways of setting a presentation up. I have also seen many different templates to use. After thinking about my topic and how I would like my presentation presented to the committee, I came up with the design I wanted to use. I have chosen the design of a coffee cup with coffee beans. I feel this fits my topic of the second floor Café.

The font size and color I have chosen for my presentation is 36-point type font for my major headings and 24-point type font for the rest. I will be using mostly black as my color as most of my background is done in white. The font type I am using will be Times New Roman.

The graphics I have chosen for my presentation are as follows, I will be using real pictures of people to represent the employees and other members of the committee. I will also be using a real picture of a café to show the setup that I was thinking of when I thought about the Second Floor Café. I will also be using a few different graphs to show how I think the efficiency of Digi Fast employees will improve with the café as well as showing the potential growth of the buildings empty spaces. I feel using these types of graphs and pictures will help the committee understand my presentation as well as the reason for needing a Second Floor Café.

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