Primal Leadership, Goleman

Primal Leadership, Goleman

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Primal Leadership, Goleman
Part 1- The Power of Emotional Intelligence, Chapters 1-5

Chapter 1 “Great Leadership works through emotions.”

Several examples given in the book
Emotional task of a leader is primal (first) in 2 senses
It is the original act of motivation
It is the most important act of motivation
In any group- the leader has the greatest opportunity to move people emotionally

People (employees) react in accordance with their emotions

Resonance- bringing out the best in employees by driving emotions positively
Dissonance- bringing out the worst in employees by driving emotions negatively

Key to making primal leadership work is in using emotional intelligence- how leaders handle themselves and their relationships

The Open Loop

Closed loop systems monitor themselves in a healthy person
Open loop systems relay on external sources for direction
“interpersonal limbic regulation”
Your bodily functions can be altered by other people
Anger, love, sexual arousal all change our normal bodily functions
Our emotions are directed by open loop systems
We rely on other people for emotional direction and stimulation
Other people can change our emotions
We often don’t notice the process
Some affected more than others
Everyone in a group adds to the open loop mix, leaders usually add more

Give and withhold praise
Offer support (or not)
Define a group’s mission
Give meaning to individual contributions
Provide clarity and direction
Encourage flexibility
The “official leader” is not always the emotional leader
Requires trust and respect
They are emotional magnets, attracting people

“Leaders’ emotional states and actions do affect how the people they lead will feel and therefore perform”

Chapter 2, Resonant Leadership

Resonance comes naturally to emotionally intelligent leaders
Expresses emotions for the group

Leads to mutual...

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