Procrastination - My Story

Procrastination - My Story

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This is the story of how I died. My death was a result of procrastination I was always putting thing off for the next day. Eventually I could no longer leave things for tomorrow because tomorrow no longer existed.

As a child at school I would always put things off for the next day. This included homework, tasks and errands. I would only do things that interested me. This has never helped me through my life. My friends and family would always say that I will be late for my own wedding, which I was as I was watching television in my tuxedo. It’s not that I am forgetful it is just that other thing distract me.

My wife would emphasize that would be late for my own funeral, which apparently u was the hearse was late. Hopefully it brought humor to the sad day.

Monday seemed like a normal day, as I woke up early, then drove to work. The boss come into my office and told me to do some errands one of which was to deliver a contract to another branch. I told him that I would do it by the end of the next day. After that my day carried on as normal. I got home had supper with my wife and went to bed.

The following day. I got into work and the boss immediately asked me if I had done the errand for him. I told him that my day was busy but I would try to get it done by the following day.

The next day was much the same. I just kept putting it off for another day.

The day I died was a unusual day. I wasn’t very busy at work and I went out for lunch as I was walking down the street I passed the other branch that I should have passed earlier this week. I realized the contract has been sitting in my car all week so I raced a crossed the road to go fetch it. As I was crossing the road a delivery truck was hurdling towards me. I froze and no movie, army training or instruction book could help me and no your life doesn’t flash before your eyes as you’re too scared to think and “presto” the truck skidded into the shop, swerved back into the road and...

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