Professional Roles and Values Projct

Professional Roles and Values Projct

Professional Roles & Values Project

Western Governors University

A. Functional Differences
Functional differences between a Regulatory Agency (BRN), such as a board of nursing and a Professional Nursing Organization (PNO)lies in advocacy. The Oregon State Board of Nursing is composed of nine governor appointed members; consisting of two public members, four registered nurses, one licensed practical nurse, one certified nursing assistant, and one nurse practitioner (State of Oregon, n.d.) .These members determine licensure and certification requirements, issues licenses, maintains registry, interprets Oregon Nurse Practice Act, evaluates nursing education and training programs, investigates complaints and takes disciplinary action against violators (State of Oregon, n.d.) Also, OSBN provides testimony to legislature and other organizations as needed(State of Oregon, n.d.).
As a skilled nursing nurse, I work with an older population, prone to mental health issues ranging from depression to dementia. The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is a PNO centered around mental health nursing specifically. Members from all medical settings, both in state and federal level; take part in research and continuing education to promote wellness, prevention, and treatment to those with mental health problems and psychiatric disorders.
Regulatory agencies advocate for patients with regulations in a care provider's practice to provide safety (State of Oregon, n.d.) Professional nursing organizations advocate for nurses with support in areas, such as, work environment, education, career advancement, and integrity in their practice; within a specialty group or otherwise (Psychiatric-Mental, n.d.). Both BRNs and PNOs have the goal of promoting the best quality of care for those being cared for.

B. Nursing Code Examples
The Code of Ethics for nurses describes ethical duties that a nurse is obligated to in their practice, collected in a set...

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