Project Selection Method and Flowchart for a Process

Project Selection Method and Flowchart for a Process

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Project Selection Method and Flowchart for a Process
Suresh Pabba,


Objectives of this week:
• Describe the project selection process.
• Design flowcharts and metrics to improve process performance.
• Describe factors that affect process development.
Currently managing the Midwest and western regions and 4 member team is part of the business development. One of the routine challenges being faced by the teams is coordinating with the technology practice managers, business analysts and delivery teams to organize the client meetings because no common calendar shared by the teams. All the time, sales team will send a meeting request mail to all the concerned and based on the availability, the meeting schedule is finalized. This process is affecting the customer relationships, major confusion among the project teams, resulting in delays in execution of the tasks and overall impact on the revenue.

The following flow diagram provides the current work flow scenario:
a) Green line represent the positive communication
b) Orange line represent the escalation to the senior management for the permission
c) Red line represent the rejection of the meeting request or not available for the specific date

The following table provides an insight of average no. of days required to finalize a meeting schedule.
|SL # |Particulars |Confirmation of Availability( no. of days) |
| | | |
| | |Yes / No |
| | |Reschedule Yes/No |
| | |Escalation |
| |...

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