Instructions: Here is a list of different behaviours and mental processes. Place a checkmark next to the item if you think the behavior is “normal” and place an “X” next to the item if you think the behavior is “abnormal.”

_____ Ajay started jumping up and down and screaming because she just found out that she got a job she really wanted.

_____ Jackson thinks that his neighbour is constantly spying on him so he has put aluminum foil over the windows to block the neighbour’s view.

_____ Sarah gets so nervous sometime she pulls her hair out.

_____ Mike stays up all night and doesn’t sleep for a week straight.

_____ Frederica doesn’t like going to the dentist and avoids it as much as possible.

_____ John experiences shortness of breath, heart pounding, and starts shaking just after narrowly avoiding an accident.

_____ Jack hears voices telling him that he is the devil.

_____ Marge looks in the mirror and sees a fat body even though the scale says that she weighs 100 lbs.

_____ Every time Kazuki gets a headache he thinks that he has a brain tumor.

_____ Frequently, Deborah zones out and begins daydreaming.

_____ Carmen experiences frequent blackouts after which she can’t remember what happened.

_____ Francis is blind even though the doctor’s cannot find any biological reason for his inability to see.

_____ Jeremy occasionally drinks and smokes marijuana with his friends on the weekend.

_____ Fatima likes to be the center of attention so much so that she threatens to commit suicide if she thinks people aren’t paying her enough attention.

_____ Aaron has gained 30 lbs in the last 3 months and doesn’t feel like hanging out with his friend much anymore.

_____ Jamal and Wanda like to watch porn together.

_____ Kelly thinks that she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. She endlessly looks at herself in the mirror.

­­­­_____ Rodrigo has been under a great deal of stress lately and is having trouble getting an...

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