Public Speaking for Colleges & Careers

Public Speaking for Colleges & Careers

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Betty J Powellg
Public Speaking I
Chapter 2
Tuesday & Thursday -10:50am
September 02, 2010

1. What is glossophobia? Glossophobia the fear of public speaking.
a) What are the four reasons for glossophobia? The four reasons for the fear of glossophobia are the fear of being stared at, fear of failure, fear of rejection and fear of the unknown.

2. What is the value of fear in a speaker? Value of fear in a speaker is fear energizes you; it make you think more rapidly; it helps you speak with vitality and enthusiasm.

3. Define adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone, triggered by stress, that stimulates heart, lungs, and muscles and prepares the body for “fright, flight, or fight.”

4. Does shyness hinder speakers from giving an effected speech? Explain your answer. No. Just because you are shyness doesn’t mean you don’t have self-confident or the ability to speak.

5. How can a speaker reduce excessive tension before a speech? Take a few deep breaths. Be sure to inhale slowly and exhale slowly. Do exercises that can be performed quietly without calling attention to you. Tighten and then relax your leg muscles. Push your arm or hand muscles against a hard object for a few moments, then release the pressure. Press the palms of your hands against each other in the same way.

6. Does an audience detect most of a speaker’s nervous symptoms? Explain your answer. No. Because people are there wanting to hear your ideas.

7. Why should you never call attention to your nervousness? Because your audience might have been unaware of your nervousness before you brought it up, but now you have distracted them from your speech and they are watching the very thing you don’t want them to scrutinize.

8. Explain the idea, Think of communication, not performance.”

9. Why should speakers not be upset when they see the solemn faces of their listeners? Peculiarities of human nature in a conversation, people will smile and nods...

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