Qantas Marketing

Qantas Marketing

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Unit 401 Marketing

Course Assignment

Qantas Airways Limited


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|Firas Haffar |860980 |

Lecturer: Dr. Nnamdi Madichie

Table of Contents


Marketing Planning, Marketing Auditing and Corporate Strategy

Business Tools Used help To Perform Marketing Planning & Auditing

o Qantas & The importance of Marketing Research and Marketing Intelligence

o Positioning as a Competitive Advantage

o The Buyer Behaviour To Improve Marketing Sales

o Conclusion

o References


Qantas Airways Limited is Australia’s largest airliner and the second oldest airline company in the world based in Australia . Established in 1920 in Queensland, the Qantas name came from Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited, its considered one of the leading long distance airliners in the world.

Qantas Group now serves around 87 domestic and international destinations in more than 27 different countries worldwide, and employs 37,500 people . Their vision is to be one of Australia’s great businesses and among the world’s airline groups. The group has diversified its business. Beside its core business of transporting passengers, the group also has subsidiaries in value airline, freight, catering services, holidays and travel operations.

In this paper I will discuss the marketing practises at Qantas’s international operations and study the linkages between marketing audits, marketing plans and marketing strategies by applying them on Qantas group. Also, discussing the macro and...

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