Questionare Sample

Questionare Sample

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First name: Ms. Sujitrkune Last name: Phangphongsai

University: Thammasat University Contact number: 087-503-3985

E-mail address:

Positions of Responsibility / Accountability

Please list any positions of responsibility you have held, either within your work experience or at University. What contribution did you make while holding this position?

|Position held |Organisation |Your contribution |
|Taking part in Accountancy |Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy |I’m a contestant in Singing contest of Thammasat University. |
|Group Singing Contest |Thammasat University | |
|Being a member of staff for |Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy |Supervision for attending Accountancy Group Singing contest. |
|Accountancy Group Singing |Thammasat University | |
|Contest | | |
|Being an AC club member |Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy |Participating in every AC Club activities. |
|(Accounting Club) |Thammasat University | |
|Being an executor of SMART-I |Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy |Responsibility for picking up the test material prior to the |
|Testing |Thammasat University |scheduled writing time, and distributing the materials to the |
| |...

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