Race and Your Community - Hutchinson

Race and Your Community - Hutchinson

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Running Head: Race and Your Community

Race and Your Community
Amber Ringquist
Axia College

Hello! My name is Amber Ringquist. I am a Caucasian Female. I am twenty years old with a fifteen month old son and one on the way. I am engaged to Joseph Ward who is also a Caucasian Male and twenty five years old. I have noticed that there has been a difference in human interaction in my community because of racism.
I live in Hutchinson, KS. In 2007, Hutchinson’s population size was 40,668. The members in my community are all different. My community consists of White-Non Hispanic People as well as, African Americans, Hispanic, American Indians etc. We have a natural blend of all people. However, not everyone is treated the same or equally. For instance- If any given person was to walk in my place of employment, they would only find white people working. Why? I believe the reason that we don’t have Hispanics or blacks working for us because the CEO of the company is older and came from a very racist background. Although today, I believe times are much different from back then, he still has his ways and thoughts on other races. However, we have Hispanics that do our lawn care. I asked him why he hires the Hispanics to do our lawn care. Why does he hire Hispanics do paint for us? Or does his side work at our place of employment as well as his home? His response to me was that he can pay them very little and they do a great job. I, personally, do not find this fair. However, in the day and age we are in, we see it all the time. I believe my boss doesn’t have anything personally against any other race- I think it is 1) the way he was raised and it has an influence on him and 2) He can’t accept new times. I think he is still back in the “back when” days.
The leaders in my community are very open and accepting. In our community, I don’t see that we really have a race problem and if we do- it’s something very little and...

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