rain technology

rain technology

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B.Ranjitha, V.Gayathri
Computer Science and Engineering, Dhirajlal Gandhi College of Technology
Anna University, Chennai


Abstract--This paper is focused on evolution of RAIN technology, its requirement, architecture, components and its implementation on different topology. Rain was developed to overcome the problem of cloud computing and current existing problem on accessing internet. Rain technology provide an efficient method for fault tolerance in different topologies which is not covered by cloud computing. Rain says that nodes are always available on networks, and they use different mechanism to identify faulty nodes and replace them with healthy node. This paper described how fault tolerance, load sharing, always availability of node is possible in RAIN technology by implementing them on different topology.
Keywords—RAID, Cluster computing, cloud computing, Data storage, SNOW, hot-swap

Rain technology has evolved over the disadvantages of cloud computing and was developed by the California Institute of technology, in collaboration with NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory and the DARPA. The name of the original research project was RAIN, which stands for Reliable Array of Independent Nodes. The RAIN research team in1998formed a company called Rainfinity. RAIN is also called channel bonding, redundant array of independent nodes, reliable array of independent nodes, or random array of independent nodes. Basically Rain technology has come up with the different network solutions over the internet such as nodes failure, traffic congestion, link failure, and data lost. It is a cluster of nodes linked in a network topology with multiple interfaces and redundant storage. It is an implementation of RAID across nodes instead of across disk arrays. RAIN is used to increase fault tolerance. RAIN can provide fully automated data recovery in a local...

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