Recommendation Campus Garden

Recommendation Campus Garden

Campus Garden

The University of Liverpool has a suitable building density. There are some green area and open space could be redeveloped. Campus garden is a possible way to make the University of Liverpool become a green campus. It can be described as the ‘university built in a garden’. It asks the university has the high greening rate. Moreover, the green area in the campus should combine leisure and educational functions. It can also engage individuals in sustainability and urban planning. The educational function means the significance of the gardens is deer than the mere ornamentation. The gardens have the positive impacts on the education of campus. For example, the garden could be a food grow area to teach students about the food production (Chan, n.d.).

Specifically, the campus garden has the basic function of greening the university. In addition, the area could be used by public to relax. Different from the common green area, it has the function of teaching which it should base on the university educational needs. Lastly, the design of campus garden should pay attention to the community involvement. It aims to ensure people have a better understanding of sustainability and urban planning.

There are several requirements need to meet to design campus garden. Firstly, the garden needs to be built with suitable distribution and acreage. The garden with too much acreage can hardly be used as efficient as a small one. One important characteristic of campus garden is to ensure people can use every inch of land of garden. To meet the diverse educational needs, there should be several different green areas with different features in a university. The accessibility is an important part to the campus garden. The green areas located between the buildings without a gate (not a close region), can increase the possibility of people go to gardens. Finally, the green gardens should not have a negative effect to the whole campus transport.

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