Recommendations for Purchase of Business Intelligence System

Recommendations for Purchase of Business Intelligence System

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Recommendations for

Purchase of

Business Intelligence System

ITM-501 Management Information Systems

And Business Strategy, Session Winter 2009

Dr. Paul Watkins

February 23, 2009

The San Bernardino County Office of the Assessor is responsible for the enrollment of the current

assessed value of vacant land, improved real estate, business property, boats, aircraft, and some

manufactured homes for property tax purposes. These tasks can better be performed by the successful

integration of business intelligence software with information warehoused in the database. The system

provides the tools to transform accumulated sales data into a viable and accepted form of actionable

information. It will enable the organization to gather, store, access, and analyze information to aid in

decision making. Application software can be used in the development, execution and management of

planned policies, programs and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of the

information enrolled. A database application would streamline the steps necessary to convey the

information to the various departments for utilization and would be of huge benefit to the organization.

One of the technologies offered by the IBM Business Intelligence and Performance Management

application is the IBM Info Sphere Master Data Management Server. It provides a means of centrally

managing customer, account and product information and translates into an effective way of managing

the current information stored in the Assessor database. This software works independently behind the

scenes to support and enhance existing applications. It is designed to function in a public service-

oriented environment and is tailor-made for our system. New channels and offerings can be added with

minimal IT effort thereby creating a centralized data management portal accessible to our customers. IT

support issues will be reduced and...

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