Redefining What a True Leader Is

Redefining What a True Leader Is

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1. What is a Leader?
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A leader articulates and embodies a vision and goals and enables others to share and achieve them.

A leader is a person who guides others toward a common goal, showing the way by example, and creating an environment in which other team members feel actively involved in the entire process.

In any business, good leaders are required to make sure that the company’s visions, goals and aims are achieved. Without good leaders the company will lead a dull existence and not grow or expand in any way. Innovative ideas are needed to help the company move to bigger and better things.

A leader is someone who through his or her own vision can motivate and guide others towards their visions and goals which in the workplace would most likely be the same. A leader is not a leader if he has no followers. A leader has certain characteristics in their personality which helps them create bonds with the followers, based on trust and proven ability to achieve their set goals.

Leaders help, motivate and guide others to share and achieve their goals in leading by example. They demand solid work and honesty from employees by doing the same themselves. They display poise and confidence. The most effective leaders are those who work well under pressure. Confidence in themselves inspires confidence in their employees.

They articulate and embody their visions and goals in having a clear vision about what they want the business to achieve. They also effectively communicate and repeat the vision and goals to make sure the visions are understood and reached. They prioritise the most important work, finding employees who are best suited for a certain task, and setting deadlines.

Encouraging and motivating the followers to achieve the goals comes from giving credit to the right person. Nothing will make employees more disgruntled than not giving them due credit for work. Alternately, congratulating all employees on a job well done is a...

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