Religions of the World: My Visit to the Masque

Religions of the World: My Visit to the Masque

Prof. Dr. Paul J. Witek

Phr- 121 Religions of the World

10- 15- 2010

Mosque Visit

My visit to the Masque

Islam culture and religion has always intrigued me. I have read books and watched

movies about Islam and the more information I obtained the more questions I had and answers I

have tried to get. However, I have never had the chance to participate or attend an Islamic church.

I always thought that places where Islamic people go and meet was closed to others. Last

Sunday evening I had the opportunity to visit the Mosque, I was scared, my heart was racing, but

I was excited to see what their religion and the culture was all about. I went to the Paterson

Mosque, the Islamic Center of Passaic County, I was not prepared, I just went there to gather a

little more information, I was scared to my bones, thinking what will they think of me, my nerves

were shut, but I came across two young boys (there was no one else there) and asked them about

general information, and to my surprise they were informative to what I should wear and do.

They also were very helpful, to see that I am very emberesed and alone they call to their friend, a

woman and ask her she is going to the mass today evening. They have told her all my story with

research and the woman has said she will be waiting for me at six thirty o clock near masque. I

have felt much better now. I had one hour before the Islam mass, so I went back home and

prepared myself, by washing my makeup off, changing my clothes to long and loose clothing,

black pants with a dress over it, and a scarf to cover my hair and head. I do not know why but I

have wear everything black.

At six thirty I was in front of the mosque again but this time I was ready and excited to

see what their religion is all about. I did hesitate to go in only because I was alone and a bit

embarrassed, but as soon as I saw a woman go in I scooted right...

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