Research on Online Buyers

Research on Online Buyers

Online Buying Behaviour


Online shopping or buying online has been considered as the newest trend for changing consumer behaviour. Accordingly, the purchasing behaviour of the consumers
will depend on the marketing strategies that the online shopping industries will use. Because of the emergence of new information technology, such as the internet,
online shopping has fast becoming more popular amongst Internet surfers. It is said that beliefs, attitudes, and shopping preferences of Internet buyers or customers
around the world could depend on important macro and micro-level variables. If this is the case, then Web site content should be attuned according to the type of
individual visiting a site (Fortin, 1999). Having a profile of global Internet users constitutes a first step needed to build Web site content appropriate for different
buyers. Since online industries are able to reach target market without cultural boundaries, they can provide products and services to different countries. Thus, this
aim to test the propositions that Internet buyers’ beliefs, attitudes and Internet behavior will vary among global regions, and between countries within a world region,
as well as depend on the amount of time they spend on the Internet.

Literature Review

Customers are said to be loyal when their buying behavior remains consistent to one type of item and completely ignore the pleas of competitors. Indeed, it is a known fact
that customer loyalty is beneficial to businesses (Bailey and Schultz, 2000). Customer buying behavior is yet another factor that affects consumer choices and trends.
Recognizing consumer behavior’s essentiality to business, marketers attempt to develop means on assessing or measuring how a customer behaves (Bailey and Schultz, 2000).
Consumer buying behaviour is said to be different in business-to-business context in a way that consumer buying behaviour tends to have varying attitudes regarding...

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