Respect with My Life

Respect with My Life

Question # 2

A) Our self concept comes from the unique interpretation about ourselves that we have made based on our experience and from others reactions and responses to us.

b. I have a great self concept due to the many experiences I have had in my life. I considered myself a very wise, independent person, very mature for my age. I’m a friendly. Loving and caring young man who loves life. As a child I had very low self esteem, I was very shy, hardly spoke in school. I got into a lot of trouble and made a lot of bad decisions. It was not until the age of 20 when I moved out that I really had to face the world head on, my confidence grew drastically and I was suddenly that person who said whatever was on their mind and was not shy to speak about feelings and ideas. I had learned to stick up for myself and my beliefs in life. I grew to accept the many mistakes I had made to be a growing experience and turned them into positives rather then negatives. I was told by many that I had changed and I was no longer the shy quite little kid.

C. my typical self talk is telling myself not to be scarred of life and the obstacles it will bring. I tell myself to be positive and look forward to the many experience I will face in life, have they be good or bad. It influences both my self concept and self esteem because I am regularly giving myself praise and telling myself that I’m special. I often hear others tell me that I can not achieve much, and at times it interferes with my own self talk. But I know I can be and do anything I set my heart and mind too. Hearing it come from myself is so powerful to my spirit and soul.

D. “why do some people put themselves down regardless of what they gave done?” pg.39
After reading this I got a sense of shame, I have accomplished so much in life, yet why at times do I feel as if I have nothing. I shouldn’t feel this way because it does put my self esteem down. I compare myself a lot to peers my age and the things in...

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