Rick Seaton Jr

Rick Seaton Jr


The case of Rick Seaton Jr. versus the State of Louisiana revolves around a city official that abused his power and a young woman who had too much to drink one night and will regret it for the rest of her life.

Facts of the Case

This particular paper revolves around the case of Richard A. Seaton Jr. versus the State of Louisiana. This case revolves around a young woman after a game and a city official that was assigned certain duties around the Independence Bowl, which is a college football game. On December 27, 2010 an 18-year-old high school senior attended this game, which took place in Shreveport with her mother, grandparents, and her boyfriend. These individuals were from the state of Florida and they were staying at a local hotel. The young woman consumed a large amount of alcohol during the game, and in the midst of the excitement and drama the young woman’s boyfriend was in an altercation with several individuals behind them. The police noticed this altercation, which resulted in the arrest of the young woman’s boyfriend because he would not follow the officer’s instructions. The young woman then pleaded with the officers not to arrest her boyfriend, but the officers detained the young man and transported him to the Shreveport City jail. Also working during that evening was Rick Seaton, Jr. who was assisting with the shuttle busses for the game. According to witness statements, he noticed the young woman and made a comment about her appearance to an officer of a different jurisdiction. Another officer spoke to the young woman after her boyfriend’s arrest and she expressed to him that she wanted to travel to the City Jail to have her boyfriend released. The officer then tried to assist the young woman by directing her to ride the shuttle bus back to the main office. He also tried to explain the booking process to her but she was confused and kept repeating the process to the sergeant. Since it was obvious that the young...

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