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• 6–9 Consider the financial aspects of the digital thermometer project. The project cost is estimated at $10,000. The total manufacturing cost of the digital thermometer, as called for in the specifications, total $150 (that is, $95 parts plus $40 labor plus $15 overhead). In order to sell each digital thermometer, consider an additional cost of $50 to cover the company’s administrative overhead and selling expenses. The net selling price of each digital thermometer will be $250. Determine the following using general problem-solving skills without considering the changing value of money due to inflation:
o a. What is the net profit for each digital thermometer sold?
o b. If the net profit is used to pay off the project development costs, how many digital thermometers will have to be sold to recover the $10,000 investment?
o c. At the projected annual volume of 1000 units per year for the product, roughly how long will it take until the $10,000 is recovered? This is the break-even point for the company.
7–7 Develop the top-level schedule for the construction of a new home using a Gantt chart format on a computer spreadsheet program. Include the major tasks listed below in an order that you think is appropriate and schedule tasks in parallel wherever possible.
• 7–8 Repeat problem 7–7 using a PERT/CPM format schedule.

• 8–1 You are working with a design team on a new product and are assigned to design the power supply. The requirements for the power supply are as follows:
o Input AC: 115 V AC ±10%, 50–60 Hz
o +5 V DC at 100 ma ±12 V DC at 50 ma
• Ripple: 10% ripple factor on each supply output Break down this design problem into subdesign problems and show a block diagram for the entire power supply system.

• 8–15 You are the project manager on a development project working on a new line of laptop computers. The project has been broken down into the following modules:
o Power supply Processor and motherboard with RAM I/O...

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