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Olin Health Center staff want patients to be aware of their rights in regard to health care. Patients should also be aware that along with rights come responsibilities. A set of specific patient rights and responsibilities has been identified and is posted throughout the health center, and is spelled out below. A copy may be requested at any reception desk.

Olin Health Center strives to provide health services to its patients in an atmosphere of mutual respect. This philosophy is expressed in the following policy statement.

All Patients Have the RIGHT:

* To be treated with respect, consideration and dignity.
* To be protected from embarrassment or invasion of privacy.
* To expect that personal convictions and beliefs will be taken into account when seeking help, and convictions and beliefs of the provider will not adversely affect appropriate care.
* To expect care given by appropriately qualified professionals.
* To complete information, to the degree known, concerning diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and any significant treatment alternatives of the illness or health-related condition.
* To participate appropriately in decisions regarding health care.
* To have access to the information contained in the medical record, within the limits of the law.
* To confidentiality regarding disclosures in regards to records, and to the opportunity to approve or refuse, in writing, the release of information, except when required by law or when life is in danger.
* To information regarding the scope and availability of service. This includes information on services, hours of access, provisions for after-hours care, and emergency coverage.
* To information regarding fees-for-services. This includes being notified of what services may be involved, additional charges, the nature of the charges, and methods of payment.
* To full information regarding appropriate channels for expressing grievances and making...

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