Riordan Manufacturing essay

Riordan Manufacturing essay

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* Riordan Manufacturing


Final Project

BSA/310 – Business Systems

Riordan Manufacturing is one a global plastics manufacturer with projected annual earnings of $46 million. The company, a Fortune 1000 enterprise, began in 1991, with Revenues in the excess of $1 billion dollars. Riordan Manufacturing expanded and acquired a manufacturing plant in Pontiac, MI and another manufacturing plant in Albany, GA, its headquarters is house in San Jose, CA. They have also created a joint venture with the People’s Republic of China. This organization focuses on being Six Sigma, exceeding ISO 9000 standards, and continues to maintain an edge in Research & Development along with being the leader in industry trends.
1. Riordan Manufacturing Service Request SR-rm-012Business Systems 310April 25, 2011Ms. Lee Moon, Jean-anne Crick, Justin Clark, Matthew Cogburn, Michael Jimenez
* 2. 4 Locations WorldwideSan Jose, California - Corporate Headquarters Albany, GeorgiaPontiac, MichiganHangzhou, ChinaDepartments IncludeFinance & AccountingHuman Resources & LegalSales & MarketingOperationsWelcome to Riordan Manufacturing!“The Leading Globalized Plastics Manufacturer of the Future”
* 3. Business ObjectivesStandardization & Unification of DataReduce CostsIncreased Growth & ProfitsFuture InnovationRevenues Over $1 billionEmploying 550 People Annual Earnings of $46 MillionFortune 1000 Company (Apollo Group, Inc., 2006) Company Background
* 4. Company MissionOur Focus: Six Sigma, exceeding ISO 9000 standards, and leading edge R & D.Customer Relationships: Provide solutions through innovation and cultivate long-term relationships.Employees: Cultivate a team environment focused on viability.The Future: Achieve profits assuring growth. Company DescriptionRiordan manufactures medical supplies and stents, automotive parts, appliance manufacturer’s parts, airplane parts, and bottler and beverage maker containers.(Apollo Group, Inc., 2006)...

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