Risk assesment

Risk assesment


This Risk Management Plan is an in-depth look at how Defense Logistics InformationService can protect data. The imposed regulations on Government Data by the FederalInformation Security Management Act are the driving cause for this Risk Managementplan.


The Security Safety and Risk Management Program support the DLIS philosophy thatgovernment safety and risk management should be shared by all. Management,providers, and staff participation is essential for an efficient and effective patient safetyand risk management program. The program will be implemented through thecoordination of multiple organizational functions and the activities of multipledepartments.DLIS supports the establishment of such clauses and best practices. We will analyzeweaknesses and possible solutions. Constructive feedback will play a large part as well.Individuals are still held accountable for compliance with safety and risk managementpractices. As such, if evaluation and investigation of an error or reckless behavior or willful violation of policies, disciplinary actions can be taken.


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