Roald Dahl's Autobiography - Boy

Roald Dahl's Autobiography - Boy

‘Boy;’ is Roald Dahl’s autobiography of childhood memories. He shares funny, unpleasant, and painful stories that left impressions on him for all hrs readers to enjoy. These short tales make me think that I may like to be his friend. He’s a loving, caring, family boy who’s mischievous and strong willed. All great virtues for a friend.

He loved hos family very much. His mother the most. Letter writing was one of his many talents. ‘From that very first Sunday at St. Peter’s until the day my mother died thirty-two years later, l wrote to her once a week, whenever I wasn’t at home.’ she was the family member that he talked about the most and went into definite detail about. They were like best friends. ‘I was her only son and we were very close.’ Being the only male living in his house he had learnt to stand up for himself and had become very strong willed.

He was impressively strong willed. He didn’t agree in beatings as punishments, and when given the job of Boazer he turned it down. ‘I would let down the whole principle of boazerdom by refusing to beat the fags.’ After he finished school he wanted to travel to Africa for the Shell company. The first job wasn’t to Africa so he put his foot down and said no. ‘But he was to take the next vacant job, If the next vacancy happens to be Siberia you’ll have to take it.’ Because he had to look after himself most of the time he learned to stand up for himself and mot to get pushed around by others. Sometimes he changed his ways and used pranks and his mischievous ways to pay them back.

As a young fellow Roald had great ways for mischievous stunts. His great plan to get Mrs Pratchett back for her repulsive manner and lack of hygiene skills was a good one. ‘Then when she puts her dirty hand in to grab a handful, she’ll grab a stinky dead mouse instead.’ H`e got the manly lover back for pulling the ancient half sister away from doing things with the family. ‘You’ve been smoking goat’s tobacco!’ these ways are...

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