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It Was Hard, but I Wouldn’t Change It for the World

When I look back on my life and am put to the task of retelling the stories of it, I can only sit and reminisce about them. Although they seem to be a part of me, the experiences and trials of my past seem as though they are a long lost ‘Natalieh’ of which I know nothing about. Looking back, trying to remember the details, only takes me back in my minds eye to those days of mistakes made and lessons learned. And yet, as I recall these memories, I do see that I have grown to be the unique individual that I am today. With goals, ambitions, ideals and destinations, continuing to strive in the world of today and all its wonders it has to offer.

Who I Am….

Discussing who I am can only begin with just that, the beginning. I was born on March 12th 1989, in Provo Utah at Utah Valley Regional Hospital. My parents are originally from Tucuman, Argentina South America. When they first arrived to the United States, they were quite young, my mother being only 20 years old, taking care of my one year old sister and 8 months pregnant with me. The fact that today I am only one year younger than the age my own mother was when she arrived to Utah only makes me appreciate the gravity of her sacrifice. Even now, as a citizen of this great country with the knowledge of the language, I too have fears of the unknown. I realize now just how hard this experience was for her and am forever grateful for her strength. My father was only 22 years old and already had one of his two main ambitions taken care of, giving our family a better future. The second, being that he was to attend and graduate from Brigham Young University, which he accomplished in 1995, graduating with a bachelor degree in science. There were only three of us to support, my older sister, Maria, myself, and my younger brother, Nestor Jr., who was born in 1992.


I have many memories growing up as a child, crossing into the realms of teenager,...

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