Submission of Autobiography

Submission of Autobiography

Sec. 1 Gun 1
24 Nov 08

From: PFC Betancourt, Luis, A. /0341 USMC
To: Platoon Commander, 81‘s, Weapons Company, 3/4


1. When and where were you born? How many siblings in your family?

I’m born on Bayamon, Puerto Rico. I have one brother.

2. Family Information. Who are your mother and father (OR person who raised you)? Names, occupations, residence (provide mailing address and phone number). Brothers and sisters; ages, what do they do and where?

My mother’s name is Isolina Villarubia. She works on Reliable Financial Services on Puerto Rico as a costumer services
employee. Her phone number is (787)354-0523, her address is Calle 57 AJ 26 Rexville, Bayamon Puerto Rico 00957. My Father’s name is Luis A. Betancourt. He works on Techno-logistics On Puerto Rico as a trucker. His phone number is (787)597-9115, the address is the same as my mother. My brother’s name is Jose G. Betancourt Villarubia. He is 11 years old, still in elementary school in Puerto Rico. He is also part of a basketball team called the Caparra Warriors.

3. Civilian Education History. Where did you go to school? When did you graduate? What subjects were you most interested in? In what extra-curricular activities did you participate? What are your hobbies?

2006-2008 Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
2002-2006 Baptist Academy of Puerto Nuevo High School, Puerto Rico
I was playing basketball in high school and other organizations.

4. Are you married? If so, what is your wife’s name and your anniversary? Does she live here with you? If not, where does she live (provide mailing address and phone number)? If you have children, what are their names, birthdays and ages? If you are engaged, please provide fiancé’s name.


5. Occupational History. What jobs did you have prior to joining the Marine Corps? What did you do as part of that job? If you hold any...

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