Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet

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This is Romeo because he is young and good looking.


This could be seen as Juliet because she is pretty and Romeo could have fallen in love at first sight.

Lady Montague

This is Lady Capulet because she looks well off and about the right age..

Lady Capulet

This is Lady Montague because she looks the right age the picture is small because she plays a small part.


This is Mr. Capulet because he looks rich enough to own a large house or palace.


The Wildness and clown side of Mercutio are seen in ths picture.


I picked this picture for Benvolio because he looks like he could be a good freind


I picked this for Tybalt because he is wearing the same style of clothing Tybalt wears in the movie. He also has a mean face which indicates he is a trouble maker like Tybalt.

Friar Lawrence

The picture is not supposed to be Friar Lawrence as a cleric but as he is about to give Juliet the poison to fake her death that is why he has a vial in his hand.

The Nurse

The picture is a picture of a women who is probably a nurse.


In Romeo and Juliet I always saw Paris as a creeper so I picked this picture to portray him.

Prince Escalus

The Border Patrol guard is like Prince Escalus because Prince Escalus has authority like a Patrol guard or sheriff.


The girl on the left is Rosaline. Rosaline is supposed to be pretty but is obviously not as beautiful as Juliet because he forgets of Rosaline immediately after seeing Juliet.

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