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For the information of:
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Safe Injection Practices to Prevent Transmission of Infections

The Issue
This notice is being issued in follow up to a recently reported incident (Alberta Health Services ' Peace Country Health) where pre-filled syringes were used between patients. Reuse of syringes is a significant breach of aseptic technique which can lead to cross contamination via backflow from the IV and the potential transmission of blood borne infections. Medication from a syringe should never be administered to multiple patients, even if the needle or cannula on the syringe is changed. Needles, cannulae and syringes are sterile, single-use items; they should not be reused for another patient nor to access a medication or solution that might be used for a subsequent patient.

• Ensure strict adherence to aseptic technique when administering injectable medication.
• Do not reuse pre-filled syringes, or any other syringes and needles as these devices are single use.
• Discard any unused portions of medication and use a new syringe, needle (or any combination thereof) for each patient.

For further information:
See Regional Policy 1634 “Sterilization and high-Level Disinfection of Medical Devices and Equipment” at:

The IPC Office at:
FMC 403 944 -1496
RGH 403 943' 3255
PLC 403 943-4024
ACH 403 955' 7223
Rural 403 944-8090
Community/Home Care 403 943-4024

For action by:

27 October 2008

Requirements or solutions for enhanced patient safety in clinical practice.

Further information about this and other patient safety alerts,...

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