Satanism and Disney

Satanism and Disney

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Satanism and Disney
Good day to one and all. The previous time I addressed you, I spoke about some of the satanic symbolism present in Disney movies. Today I will go over these movies once more just to remind you about them and give you a bit more insight into other cartoons.

Pocahontas, when translated from Native American into English means ‘Spirit of the abyss.’ By saying the name Pocahontas you are calling the devil to your side. The Native American words in the song that is played while Pocahontas and John Smith are on the boat translates into “Cursed are all the children that watch this movie”

The Lion King, the most violent movie said to be produced by Disney according to TIME magazine. After Simba is visited by his father Mufasa the dust in the sky form the word SEX across the night sky.

Aladdin, the story about the dark skinned Arab that is defeated by the fair skinned, American accented main hero. In the scene where Aladdin meets Jasmine for the first time as a prince he mumbles the words “Good teenagers’ take of your clothes” as her tiger inspects him.

In the movies where the Disney princesses star in have similar stories about a boy that falls in love with the beauty of the girl, even though the movie is seen as a simple love story there are hidden messages in them.

For example let’s take Cinderella, a girl that starts of as a maid dressed in rags that works for her step mother and 2 evil step sisters but then turns out to fall in love with and marries a prince who goes out of his way to find her, a woman he just met once. The hidden meaning here is, if you’re beautiful enough, you may be able to escape your terrible living conditions by getting a wealthy man to fall for you.

In the movie Little Mermaid, Ariel falls in love with a human who falls in love with her after seeing her just once and finds a way to be with him forever by becoming human, going against her family and marrying him. The hidden meaning here is, it’s okay to...

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