Sensationalization by Media

Sensationalization by Media

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First of all let us know that what is the definition of media. Media is considered as a way by which we can access to all information regarding the world and the human race. Initially radio and the news were the main media but with the passage of time as technology advanced, media revolutionized at a very fast rate.

In early day media didn’t play that much important part as it is nowadays. Yes, I am in the favor that media is sensationalizing the news and the information. Whenever there is news regarding bomb blast all the channels compete and present their news in the most glamorous way that a common man can easily be taken for a ride. Whenever a bomb blast occurs the media channels show all sorts of brutal pictures and scene of the site full of blood. This does nothing but make people depressed and concerned about their mere survival.

Many teenagers are afraid to go to their institutions as they are confused. After watching all depressed news throughout the day they don’t even know they would live. Besides this in the name of intercultural programs the media is propagating the culture and trends of other nations which are strongly against our mere survival.

Presenting such pictures in cinemas in which the most culprit and evil men plays apart of a hero and an honest and noble man is shown as the most helpless man on the earth, due to this the youth of our country are idealizing dons and the butchers as heroes………….>

Nowadays media is also very biased. If anything goes wrong by a media personal then it is democracy and if a common man even says something which is not acceptable by media becomes sin, but why? Why is that so? The answer is because media is so much sensationalized that they can make people believe on anything. They can make a right...

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