Sets of Challenges

Sets of Challenges

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In the film Freedom writers there are many sets of challenges.
The lead role Mrs Erin Gruwell had many tough challenges that she faced in and out of the classroom. Such as; finding acceptance from her colleges, going through a marriage (which ended), getting her students to respect themselves and people around them. Mrs Gruwell taught the students as much as she could, and prevailed in the end by overcoming these challenges.

The students at Woodrow Wilson High at Long Beach California became apart of gang violence, prejudice, and racial indifference. The classroom is divided into racial groups as soon as the students walk in; the groups are divided into blacks, whites, Asians, and Latino. These sub groups of the classroom shows the tension everywhere in the school. The Students in her classroom are not keen to learn and only go to school because it is “forced” upon the Students. Each day she tries to find a new way of teaching and making the students like school and her class. Mrs Gruwell had a tough time with the class until one student drew a picture of another, drawing him with big lips because he was black. This showed Mrs Gruwell that these kids had no respect for any one. She teaches the students about the holocaust and how their tiny Gangs are nothing in comparison to what the holocaust was.
This starts to get the kids interested in school and Mrs Gruwell is faced with another challenge how to get them to learn. Mrs Gruwell needed equipment to teach these students properly the other teachers wont let her, so she is faced with another challenge; The Teachers.

The teachers at Woodrow Wilson High had become racist and prejudice about the students in the school because of the vandalism that occurred everywhere. The teachers don’t care much for the students. The teachers are even afraid of the students.

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