Shaun White

Shaun White

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform the audience on the three aspects of Shaun White’s life

Thesis Statement: Shaun White has had an amazing career as a skateboarder, snowboarder and has had many accomplishments in both.

Introduction: Next up on the super-pipe, Shaun white, I turn to my friend Houston in sure amazement and say, “No way brotha! it is really the man himself.” I remember it like it was yesterday. This was my reaction last year at the base of a 45ft. high super-pipe at Breckenridge, Colorado during the Mountain Dew Jam Tour. My idol, to say the least, was about to rip the pipe right in front of my eyes. My heart started to pump my palms got all sweaty I could not wait any more, and before I could finish my sentence the “Flying Tomato” himself soars over my head pulling out a switch indy 900. I started shouting in sheer excitement but I could not hear myself over the roar of the crowd. Today I would like to inform you guys of the prodigy of snowboarding Shaun White. My personal opinion is that he is the greatest snowboarder to ever shred the gnar and in that sense I believe you will find that his life is one to be remembered. I will prove this to you through expressing his accomplishments in both snowboarding, skateboarding, and some information(history) on Shaun as a person.

Transition: Before I jump into his accomplishments on skateboarding and snowboarding I am going to give you a little background information on his life.

I. Childhood History
A. Shaun Roger White was born on September 3, 1986 in Carlsbad, California, and stands at 5ft. 8in. and weighs 140 lbs.
B. The son of Kathy and Roger, and the brother to Kerri(sister) and Jesse(brother).
C. Diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot at age 5
1. tetralogy of Fallot is a series of heart malformations
2. underwent two surgeries to repair damaged heart
D. Jesse White is the catalyst for...

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