Should the Monarchy Be Abolished?

Should the Monarchy Be Abolished?

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Should the monarchy be abolished?

The monarchy is an ancient hierarchy of people based on the most powerful being in control. It is imagined that they are given this power and control directly from God. Obviously this is not true and we know that these days because we are not under the impression that they are gifted this ability from a higher power any longer.

The monarchy is no longer needed inside a modern democracy. Parliamentary governmental democracy removes the requirement for an all-powerful individual to make all of the decisions for the nation. The government now is made up of a group of individuals who make those decisions for the nation and they are voted in by the people. So the monarchy is no longer needed to rule the people. Let’s face it, they are only different because they are part of a long line of people who have had their existence hermetically sealed from reality for their entire lives. They know little about normal life or the ordinary people and even if they think they do, they’ve never spent a night on a housing estate.

The monarchy has a minor tourism role, but people would visit their buildings, castles, and other lands regardless of the presence of the monarchy. They do bring tourists to the country, but I wonder if that gives them the right to cost the tax payer millions. British royals cost the United Kingdom tax payer precisely thirty seven million pounds per year. The monarchy now pays tax or at least I know that the Queen of England pays tax for sure on her income and has since 1993.

One argument goes that the royal family represents their nation overseas and present the best of the nation across the world. They are ‘good’ for the country goes that argument. The only problem being that they cost the country more than they pay in tax, so we have to look at what ‘good’ they achieve in their travels. Do they not simply get an all expenses paid ‘jolly’, with special treatment everywhere they go? And if they do represent...

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