Sign Language for Babies

Sign Language for Babies

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Sign Language for Babies

American sign language (ASL) is the third most spoken language in the United States. Sign language has evolved in the time it has been around. Now it is not only used for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is very commonly used for people who are hearing, people with autism and down syndrome. Many parents have began to use sign language with their babies to let them have a voice before they actually have a voice. Many people see many different advantages to using sign with babies who deaf but some people see advantages and disadvantages to signing with babies who hear.
There seems to only be advantages to ASL with babies who are deaf and no disadvantages. The biggest advantage for teaching deaf babies ASL is it gives the baby a way to communicate. If a deaf baby is not taught sign language then they have no way to communicate besides no, or yes shakes of the head and temper tantrums. Another advantage is that Signing reinforces vocabulary and broadens the babies social circle as they grow. (Developing language for life, 2007) Language and vocabulary development are key in social development. (Developing language for life, 2007) If the baby has no way communicating it may cause am great deal of frustration for the deaf child and can lead to socially unacceptable behaviors like temper tantrums and aggression. Another advantage is signing with a baby who is deaf builds excellent expressive and receptive language skills. Signing provides language stimulation and conceptual information that enhances vocabulary development in deaf children. (Developing language for life, 2007) Learning sign language for babies seems to remove a lot of frustration from not being able to communicate and simultaneously strengthening the ability to produce expressive speech.(Developing language for life, 2007) Making for a happier baby. These are many of the advantages to teaching a baby who is...

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