Situation Analysis: Issues and Opportunities

Situation Analysis: Issues and Opportunities

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Global Communication was a telecommunication that was in danger of losing money. This company only offered one type of service and was in need of revamping the image of the company. GC stocks once were valued at $28 per share but years ago the shares value is only worth $11 per share. They company took a 50% depreciation, and the reason was there was too much competition. The service that was offered was local and long distance, but they need something more to make them stand out. So the leadership committee came up with a two-step aggressive approach to help the company. The had create an alliance with a satellite company that would allow small business owner’s access to the internet at any time, and video services. The small companies would do this back having a wireless telephone or a PC card. The main information could be access by using the wireless device. The team had also decided to cut cost that could save money and that in return would improve profitability for the company. In order for this plan to work GC needs to market itself overseas with the opportunity of someday being a global resource.

Situation Analysis
Issues and Opportunities
Only being able to offer one type of service is a problem, but for GC they knew that there was a problem and they had set out to solve that problem. They need more services and the senior leadership team had come up with a solution for the problem. The only problem was the effective communication that took place within this company when it came down to this scenario. GC only offered local and long distance to small businesses, so that came up with a plan that would allow them to market overseas. There was an alliance with a satellite company that would allow the companies to use video systems, and would give them the opportunity to use wireless phones or pc cards. The best thing about all of this is that they owners of the...

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