Sofitel Situation Analysis

Sofitel Situation Analysis

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Situation Analysis

1. Marketing environment analysis
France is known as the “number one tourist destination” in the world.
But the rating system of its hotel industry is not perfect before 2009.
With the development of science and technology, the establishment of environmental consciousness, it puts forward a higher standard and request to the hotel industry. June 2009, French hotel industry made a big breakthrough in the aspect of rating system, many hotels were granted the title of 5-star through the transformation of hardware and promotion of software. It gave Sofitel hotels in France a chance to enter international market.

2. Location and community analysis
Almost all Sofitel hotels of France are located in city center or beside the beach with convenient traffic which are close to business and leisure areas; in addition, they are surrounded by various types of facilities, such as nightclubs, opera theaters, squares, stadiums and fashion shops. These facilities are able to attract the high-level business people to come and let them to become the potential customers of Sofitel hotels.

3. Primary competitor analysis
Primary competitors are 4-star or 5-star hotels which come from home and abroad. For example, Rochester Hotel which is located on the Champs Elysees provides warm and thoughtful services to give every guest an unmatched experience. What’s more, the hotel put the most favorable price strategy into practice which is to say that whenever customers find out lower price in other site, they can tell the hotel and get the same price. Other hotels which provide different services or prices may become competitors.

4. Market potential analysis
To meet the need of different segmentation in luxury hotel market, Sofitel has two sister brands to face different customer groups.
The ultimate luxury experience is for those who are distinguished customers, the other one is for the new generation, and they can have a completely new...

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