Crocs Situation Analysis

Crocs Situation Analysis

MGT 3180 2014-2015: Essay Assignment – GUIDELINES

All written work must be word-processed using good English in font size 12. 2000 words
Deadline for submission is 5th February 2015 (Student office by 4.00pm).


Set question 1, 2 or 3. Although some students may wish to have a sub-title (after the set question) which would serve to guide the reader about the essay’s focus, etc

1. INTRODUCTION (Approx 500 words)

It is meant to inform the reader about three main things: what the student is going to do; why the subject is important and for whom (i.e. contributions to theory and practice); and how this is going to be done. For example the student could start by introducing:

- general issues regarding the subject/topic in question
- main questions/hypothesis to be tackled (if relevant)
- how these questions/hypothesis will be tackled (i.e. theory and empirical evidence)
- methodology (e.g. literature review + case studies + others?) (if relevant)

2. MAIN BODY SECTION (a subtitle here is advisable) (Approx 1,000 words – Section 2 & 2.1)

This section develops the key issues introduced above i.e. by analysing the nature of the topic e.g. different schools of thought; key concepts have to be defined. For example:

- make clear who says what (theories/authors) and why this is important for your analysis
- illustrate with cases studies/examples if relevant for your essay


- address the criticisms against the ideas/concepts/theories above (e.g. different theoretical perspectives in relation to the topic; methodological problems to prove what has been said; lack of empirical information, etc.)
- the student may also have his/her own ideas which could support or contradict what have been said earlier. This is the place to be critical on the subject

3. CONCLUSIONS (Approx 500 words)

- summarise what has been done
- summarise the main findings of the study
- outline your own main reflections on the...

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