Sivaji – The b.o.s.s

‘The rich get richer, the poor get poorer’. This is the highlight of the movie ‘Sivaji- The Boss’. MAY BE U CAN START AS A NEW SENTENCE AS IT IS QUITE LONG. as it aims at OR IN portraying the state of our nation which is plagued with infinite levels of ineffective bureaucracy, corruption and red-tapism. Directed by S. Shankar , produced by AVM productions, Sivaji is a perfect entertainer having an impressive cast of actors with Superstar Rajnikanth (Sivaji Arumugham) and Shriya ( Tamizhselvi) in the lead roles, complemented by roles played by Suman (Adiseshan), Vivek ( ) and Raghuvaran. Although the movie intends to send out a loud message against the illegal practices afflicting our system , it fails in doing so as the protagonist advocates unethical actions on the pretext of doing good to the society.

The movie is about a system software architect, Sivaji who has just returned after finishing his education in the US. He is astonished by the enormous changes in the country- huge MNCs, many schools and colleges, hospitals, etc but he feels remorseful at the fact that India is still poverty struck and there IS was no improvement on that front. This drives him to the idea of serving the society and dreams of starting ‘Sivaji Foundation’ to provide free education and medical treatment at foreign standards. With reference to current global scenario, this seems to be highly unrealistic. Moreover, Sivaji faces many roadblocks in the forms of powerful politicians, corrupt government officials and the flawed government system.

There are various facets of the Indian political and administrative system, that have been showcased in the movie. There is this businessman Adiseshan who on one hand projects himself as ‘good-doer’ for the public while (REMOVE THIS) on the other hand, uses political clout to stop Sivaji from realizing his dreams. Such people can buy everyone with money or they use muscle power to curb others’ progress. Their crimes go...

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